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Airline Flight Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Aircraft
DIS 1118 KMCO KCLT 01.17 DIS0040 -192 B747-8I
DTO 4622 LFPG KATL 09.16.20 DIS0002 -63.05 B777-300
DTO 3372 KBOS KMCO 03.14.09 DIS0037 -438.3 B737-800
DIS 1522 KMCO KSAT 02.35 DIS0040 -61 B747-8I
DTO 3511 LOWG EGGW 01.56.13 DIS0001 -145.33 B737-800
DIS 716 KMCO TXKF 02.17 DIS0068 -294 B747-8I
DTO 6431 VHHH KMCO 17.14.57 DIS0003 -705.12 B747-400
DTO 1622 KAPC KDAB 04.40.30 DIS0002 -121.49 B737-800
DIS 0814 KCLT KMCO 01.30 DIS0040 -84 B777-200
DIS 0609 KBUF KCLT 01.29 DIS0040 -251 B777-200
Airline Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft
DIS716 Klamath Falls Airport Prince Rupert Airport B737-800
DIS1027 London Heathrow Airport LaGuardia Airport B737-300
DTO4622 Charles de Gaulle International Airport Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport B777-300

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Recent Greasers
Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
DIS0040 - Frederick BeckerBoeing 737-800 SeriesKDEN-1109/12/2017
DIS0001 - Jason BakerBoeing 777-200LRURSS-16.1509/05/2017
DIS0040 - Frederick BeckerBoeing 737-800 SeriesKJFK-2009/14/2017
DIS0013 - George PapBeechcraft 1900dLGAV-2208/29/2017
DIS0037 - Jeremy RichmondBoeing 737-800 SeriesKCLE-23.8409/12/2017


Oktoberfest in Munich

Oktoberfest in Munich

Join our LFPG Hub as we kick off Oktoberfest right! Take off from Paris and head down to Munich for some tasty beverages and some great fun!

Flight: LFPG - EDDM

Flight Level: 35000


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Ducktales at Disney Air!

Good Morning Disney Air Pilots! 

Our master painter Jose and Imagineering have been at it again! Two new aircraft are now in the fleet for your flying pleasure! Visit the Download Center to get them today!


Boeing 737-800 For PSX/P3D


Boeing 737-900 For FSX/P3D


See you in the Happiest Skies on Earth!

September 11th Memorial Flight

September 11th Memorial Flight

Please join Disney Air in remembering all of the loved ones we lost on 9/11/2001 - join us for the 1st annual 9/11 Memorial Flight from KDCA to KJFK.  This flight is open to the public - you do not need to be a Disney Air pilot to participate.  Disney Air Pilots will receive 2000 Premium Miles for this flight for showing your support to our first responders, military, and all of the brave men and women who lost their lives on that day.  

All pilots are encouraged to fly on VATSIM for this event - although it is not required.  Hopefully we will have ATC services!

Date: September 11, 2017 (September 12, 2017 UTC)

Time: 18:00 PDT (01:00 Zulu)

Departure Airport: KDCA

Arrival Airport: KJFK

Preferred Route: DOCTR3 AGARD  DONIL V229 PANZE V44 CAMRN 


All Disney Air Pilots will also receive this award for upon completion of this group flight.

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