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Airline Flight Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Aircraft
AFR 2172 KLAX KLAS 00.53 DIS0080 -272 B737-800
DIS 1256 KMCO KLAX 04.43 DIS0040 -105 B747-8I
DTO 64231 ZSPD VHHH 02.19.44 DIS0023 -133.8 B777-300
DTO 1391 RJAA VHHH 03.56 DIS0039 -92 B777-200
DAL 9604 EHAM LEBL 02.29 DIS0085 -198 B737-800
DIS 7046 KMCO KCLT 01.21 DIS0040 -52 B747-8I
DIS 9039 KBUF KMCO 02.14 DIS0040 -207 B747-8I
DCO 66 MROC MHTG 01.10 DIS0002 -121 B737-800
DIS 1027 MROC MHTG 01.05 DIS0027 -810 B737-800
DAL 9320 EHAM OMDB 06.37.09 DIS0063 -875.06 B787-8
Airline Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft
AFR2172 Los Angeles International Airport McCarran International Airport B737-800
AAL65 Zürich Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport B767-300

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Recent Greasers
Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
DIS0040 - Frederick BeckerBoeing 737-800 SeriesKDEN-1109/12/2017
DIS0001 - Jason BakerBoeing 777-200LRURSS-16.1509/05/2017
DIS0040 - Frederick BeckerBoeing 737-800 SeriesKJFK-2009/14/2017
DIS0001 - Jason BakerEmbraer Phenom 300KDFW-20.7610/02/2017
DIS0013 - George PapBeechcraft 1900dLGAV-2208/29/2017




Come join us for a precision approach that will have your TCAS screaming the entire way in! It's a short flight, but can you get your plane back on thr ground and stopped before falling off of a cliff? Come and find out!!

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Mummy Run

Mummy Run

The Mummy Run

The un-dead have travel needs too.  There is no other night more satisfying to a Mummy, then to terrorize the living on Halloween. So, grab your favorite jet and pack it full of virtual Mummies as we depart the Valley of the Kings, making are way north to reunite these Mummies with their fellow un-dead at the Great Pyramids of Giza.  Also enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the Pyramids.  May they wreak havoc on the people of Cairo. 

Join us this Halloween as we tribute a flight in honor of one of our beloved scary pastimes.

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Las Vegas Memorial

Las Vegas Memorial

Please join all of us at Disney Air for a memorial flight to remember all of those who were affected by the Las Vegas Massacre that took the lives of 58 Americans on October 1st, 2017.  We want to remember all of those who lost their lives, our first repsonders that paid the ultimate price saving lives, and all of those who were injured in this tragic event.  

Disney Air will be releasing some very special liveries that were being held for a later event, but in the wake of this tragic event, we felt that it would be a good time to release these - in their entirety to show the world that all of us at Disney Air are united, as Americans first. 

We will be flying from KSAN (San Diego, Lindberg Field) to KLAS (Las Vegas, Mc Carran Airport) to pay our respects and our support for all of those who have been affected by this tragedy.  

The liveries will be available in a special category in the download center and will be available for all.

This event is not limited to Disney Air Pilots exclusively, please share this out to all pilots and all other Virtual Airlines.


Come and show your support with us! We will be wheels up at the time of the event exactly 7 days later - for a quick one hour flight.

All Disney Air Pilots that partake in this memorial flight will be awarded a bonus of 5000 premium miles for completing the flight.

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Fabian Cea
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