Flight Details for DIS1729

Flight Info:
Flight Number:DIS1729
From:Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF)
Sched. Deptime:
To:Orlando International Airport (KMCO)
Sched. Arrtime:
Time Remaining:3:40
Total Distance: NM
Distance Remaining:878 NM
Planned Altitude: ft
Altitude:7860 ft
Ground Speed:239 kts
Heading: 214
Last Update:2019-03-25 14:53:39
Client:Disney Air Operation
Planned Route:Actual Route:

Pilot Info:
Pilot ID:DIS40
Pilot:Frederick B
Rank:ATP Commander
Location:United States  United States
Total Flight Time:1344.11
Total Flights:1344
Aicraft Info:
Aircraft:Boeing 777-200LR
Pax Capacity:314
Range:10030 nm
Total Hours:560.7099999999999
Total Flights:80

Pilot`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Registration Flighttime Landingrate
DIS32119 KBUF KLAS B777-200 G-DLB39 04.00.19 -74.59
DIS7908 KBNA KMIA BOEING 737-9 G-DLB156 01.56.40 -129.95
DIS7908 KCLT KBNA BOEING 737-9 G-DLB156 01.21.07 -222.99
DIS7908 KBUF KCLT B777-200 G-DLB39 01.28.58 -112.27
DIS5588 KSFO KPDX BOEING 737-9 G-DLB156 01.53.01 -163.79

Aircraft`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival PilotID Pilot Flighttime Landingrate
DAL7857 RKSI KIAD DIS21 John G 13.58.48 -86.89
DAL7850 KATL RKSI DIS21 John G 14.20.05 -32.3
DTO46211 RJAA KATL DIS21 John G 12.56.15 -225.3
DTO46211 KATL RJAA DIS21 John G 15.17.42 -210.69
DTO46211 EGLL KATL DIS21 John G 08.51.31 -155.33


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