Flight Details for DIS286

Flight Info:
Flight Number:DIS286
From:Bahrain International Airport (OBBI)
Sched. Deptime:1800
To:Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD)
Sched. Arrtime:Time
Time Remaining:00:00
Total Distance:1193 NM
Distance Remaining:1 NM
Planned Altitude:40000 ft
Altitude:0 ft
Ground Speed:0 kts
Heading: 81
Last Update:2019-07-14 14:48:35
Client:Disney Air Operation
Planned Route:Use Pilot Briefing For Routing InformationActual Route:GOLKO UN697 SODAK UP559 DANOB UT659 BOTOB UP559 KUMLA UT430 RAGAS M561 ASVIB G665 PG J132 SK J173 RK R471 MERUN G452 CHI V10 ALI DCT LKN G598 SMR G336 KTM DCT KIMTI B345 LXA B213 GAO V38 ENH B213 WHA R343 UPLEL W95 SAPIN A470 CJ DCT DSH W505 SUPAR W67 BK BK12A

Pilot Info:
Pilot ID:DIS107
Pilot:Ariam D
Rank:A Pilot with a Dream
Location:United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Total Flight Time:2428.47
Total Flights:467
Aicraft Info:
Aircraft:Airbus Industries A340-600
Pax Capacity:475
Range:78000 nm
Total Hours:8.25
Total Flights:1

Pilot`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Registration Flighttime Landingrate
DIS286 OBBI ZSPD A340-600 G-DLB72 08.25.32 -104.58
DIS107 KTDW KATL AIRBUS A320 G-DLB136 01.56.57 -227.61
DIS107 ZBAA KLAX BOEING 777-3 G-DLB163 12.56.37 -182.24
DIS107 LEMD ZBAA B777-200 G-DLB36 11.10.17 -66.9
DIS107 YPPH ZMUB B787-8 G-DLB22 12.03.46 175.32

Aircraft`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival PilotID Pilot Flighttime Landingrate
DIS286 OBBI ZSPD DIS107 Ariam D 08.25.32 -104.58


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