Flight Details for IBE4620

Flight Info:
Flight Number:IBE4620
From:Madrid Barajas International Airport (LEMD)
Sched. Deptime:
To:Olifants River Bridge Landing Strip Airport (FAOR)
Sched. Arrtime:
Time Reimaining:5:30
Total Distance: NM
Distance Remaining:2867 NM
Planned Altitude: ft
Altitude:37007 ft
Ground Speed:522 kts
Heading: 156
Last Update:2018-10-20 07:57:50
Client:Disney Air Operation
Planned Route:Actual Route:NANDO UL150 MAGAL UP34 HAMRA UA34 MOS UA604 MNA UB730 BOD UM998 MNV UT941 RUDAS UQ25 ITROL UQ44 AVAGO

Pilot Info:
Pilot ID:DIS107
Pilot:Ariam D
Rank:A Pilot with a Dream
Location:United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Total Flight Time:1798.16
Total Flights:314
Aicraft Info:
Aircraft:Airbus Industries A350-900 XWB
Pax Capacity:440
Range:8100 nm
Total Hours:313.76
Total Flights:30

Pilot`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Registration Flighttime Landingrate
DIS107 KORD LEMD A330-300 G-DLB46 07.40.05 -131.49
DIS107 KJFK KORD B737-800 G-DLB1 02.10.02 -140.72
DIS107 KLAX KJFK B737-900 G-DLB901 04.52.21 -56.9
AAL986 SLVR KMIA B757-200 G-DLB55 06.40.03 -71.51
AAL986 SLLP SLVR B757-200 G-DLB55 01.06.19 38.45

Aircraft`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival PilotID Pilot Flighttime Landingrate
DIS22 WSSS KEWR DIS107 Ariam D 18.00.56 -109.19
DIS107 OTHH KJFK DIS107 Ariam D 12.31.43 -135.33
DIS107 KJFK VHHH DIS107 Ariam D 15.00.55 -134.57
DIS45 RJBB KJFK DIS107 Ariam D 15.03.34 -202.23
DIS388 WSSS LEBL DIS107 Ariam D 13.45.54 -45.37

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