Flight Details for DCO313

Flight Info:
Flight Number:DCO313
From:San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)
Sched. Deptime:00:00 UTC
To:Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (KFLL)
Sched. Arrtime:05:08 UTC
Time Reimaining:0:15
Total Distance:2244 NM
Distance Remaining:133 NM
Planned Altitude:35000 ft
Altitude:39035 ft
Ground Speed:524 kts
Heading: 132
Last Update:2018-03-07 15:34:57
Client:Disney Air Operation
Planned Route:Actual Route:

Pilot Info:
Pilot ID:DIS37
Pilot:Jeremy R
Rank:Senior Captain
Location:United States  United States
Total Flight Time:350.45
Total Flights:110
Aicraft Info:
Aircraft:Boeing 767-300ER
Pax Capacity:218
Range:5990 nm
Total Hours:45.61
Total Flights:8

Pilot`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Registration Flighttime Landingrate
SWA1781 KSAN KMDW B737-800 G-DLB5 03.33.14 -94.58
DCO1277 KFLL KSFO B767-300 G-DLB41 06.39.28 -113.8
DCO1276 KFLL KSFO B767-300 G-DLB44 00.47.23 -66.13
DCO308 KRDU KFLL B737-800 G-DLB4 02.14.02 -213.77
DIS1001 VHHH ZJHK B737-800 G-DLB1 01.18.46 -215.31

Aircraft`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival PilotID Pilot Flighttime Landingrate
DTO10371 DTTA LPPT DIS37 Jeremy R 03.01.34 -357.56
DIS9004 RJAA VHHH DIS147 Scott L 05.05 -221
DTO511 KMDT KTLH DIS1 Jason B 02.14.53 -157.63
DCO211 KATL EKCH DIS37 Jeremy R 08.51.32 -368.33
DCO71 RJAA ZSPD DIS37 Jeremy R 02.59.29 -137.64

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