Flight Details for DIS0421

Flight Info:
Flight Number:DIS0421
From:Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT)
Sched. Deptime:14:35
To:Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (TJSJ)
Sched. Arrtime:19:30
Time Reimaining:0:00
Total Distance:1045.91 NM
Distance Remaining:0 NM
Planned Altitude: ft
Altitude:18 ft
Ground Speed:0 kts
Heading: 164
Last Update:2018-04-21 14:29:28
Planned Route:Actual Route:

Pilot Info:
Pilot ID:DIS40
Pilot:Frederick B
Rank:Air Marshall
Location:United States  United States
Total Flight Time:865.38
Total Flights:240
Aicraft Info:
Aircraft:Boeing 737-800 Series
Pax Capacity:139
Range:1566 nm
Total Hours:358.06999999999994
Total Flights:205

Pilot`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Registration Flighttime Landingrate
DIS0421 KCLT TJSJ B737-800 G-DLB8 03.10 -247
DIS0421 KBUF KCLT B737-800 G-DLB8 01.35 -114
DIS0421 PANC KMIA B777-200 G-DLB40 07.31 -84
DIS0420 KMIA PANC B777-200 G-DLB40 07.41 -99
DIS0419 KRNO KSFO B737-800 G-DLB8 00.38 -147

Aircraft`s Recent PIREPs

Flight Departure Arrival PilotID Pilot Flighttime Landingrate
DTO281501 KPHX KDEN DIS150 Michael O 01.37.57 -296.04
DTO281501 KSFO KPHX DIS150 Michael O 01.37.45 -335.26
DIS0421 KCLT TJSJ DIS40 Frederick B 03.10 -247
DIS0421 KBUF KCLT DIS40 Frederick B 01.35 -114
DIS0419 KRNO KSFO DIS40 Frederick B 00.38 -147

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