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Event Title: Washington's Birthday Group Flight
Begin: 02.18.2020 00:00z
Until: 02.18.2020 03:00z
Departure Airport(s): KJFK
Arrival Airport(s): KDCA

Come join us on DisneyAir's February group flight commorating President Washington's Birthday. We will be departing from JFK to DCA on February 17,2020 at 1900 Eastern time.  Please sign up in the available slots using your pilot ID as your callsign. A reminder that all Group Flights are flown on VATSIM  Thanks again and hope to see you there!!, Mike

Event Flights

Flights can be booked here by our pilots AFTER having signed up for the event!

No Flights available for booking!

Available Slots

Slot Nr.Dep. TimeAirportPilot
1 00:00z KJFK Mike Terrill (DIS 0212)
2 00:02z
3 00:04z
4 00:06z
5 00:08z
6 00:10z
7 00:12z
8 00:14z
9 00:16z
10 00:18z
11 00:20z
12 00:22z
13 00:24z
14 00:26z
15 00:28z
16 00:30z
17 00:32z
18 00:34z
19 00:36z
20 00:38z
21 00:40z
22 00:42z
23 00:44z
24 00:46z
25 00:48z
26 00:50z
27 00:52z
28 00:54z
29 00:56z
30 00:58z