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Event Title: Eastern Corridor with the CEO
Begin: 07.29.2018 22:00z
Allowed Aircraft: B738
Departure Airport(s): KMCO
Arrival Airport(s): KJFK

Calling all Disney Air Pilots!

Come joing the Disney Air CEO and COO for a leisurely Sunday flight up the eastern coast of the United States.

Starting at KMCO and ending at KJFK, this flight should be a ton of fun! Come on out and get to know your fellow pilots! 

This flight will be flown online on the VATSIM Network if services are available.


**Please Note the Time Change**

Event Flights

Flights can be booked here by our pilots AFTER having signed up for the event!

No Flights available for booking!

Attending Pilots

DIS1 Jason B KMCO 22:00 KJFK
DIS95 Brett K KMCO 22:00 KJFK
226 Dustin S KMCO 22:00 KJFK