Aircraft General Info

ICAO: E195
Name: E-195
Fullname: Embraer E-195
Registration: G-DLB94
Range: 1600 nm
Weight: 107564 lbs
Cruise: M074
Passengers: 122
Cargo: 0

Aircraft Stats

Total Miles: 0
Total Hours: 0
Total Flights: 0
Total Cargo Carried: 0

Current Aircraft Location

There is no aircraft location yet!

Last 15 Flights

No Flights Flown with this aircraft!

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Available Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Distance View
DIS500 KDEN KOMA 2 409.821 View Schedules
DIS560 KDEN KJAC 1.3 352.953 View Schedules
DIS620 KDEN KCPR 1.1 200.116 View Schedules
DIS721 KATL KDTW 1.55 517.965 View Schedules
DAL5745 KSEA KPHX 3.15 963.186 View Schedules
DAL5784 KSEA CYVR 1.08 110.557 View Schedules
VIR3514 KMSP KSDF 2.03 524.895 View Schedules
VIR2345 KLAX KBOI 2.1 587.288 View Schedules
DAL5735 KMSP KMOT 1.63 389.68 View Schedules
WJA6949 KOAK KLAX 1.6 293.395 View Schedules
DAL5691 KSEA KGEG 1.08 194.018 View Schedules
DAL9342 EHAM EDDC 1.42 342.378 View Schedules
AMX5386 KLAX KGEG 2.7 823.065 View Schedules

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