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Event Title: Operation Frost at KCLE
Begin: 02.22.2020 23:59z
Until: 02.23.2020 04:00z
Departure Airport(s): KCLE
Arrival Airport(s): KCLE

Mother nature can be vicious, and she definitely doesn't care about your valuable time. And when it comes to wintry weather, Cleveland gets the brunt of it. With lakefront changes, snow squalls, white-outs, and below zero temps, conditions can change in a matter of seconds. Thankfully, Cleveland has plans in place for the worst of weather. Called "Operation Frost", Cleveland-Hopkins dedicates a section of ground to "Frost Control" from October until April. Come and join us on Saturday, Feb 22 from 2359z - 0400z at KCLE as we prepare for any weather mother nature tries to throw at us!!!

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