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Event Title: Veteran's Day Memorial
Begin: 11.11.2017 23:01z
Allowed Aircraft: B737
Departure Airport(s): KSAT
Arrival Airport(s): KDCA

2017 Veteran's Day Memorial Flight!

When: Saturday November 11th, 2017

Time: 23:00 Zulu

Departing: San Antonio International (KSAT)

Arriving: Reagan International (KDCA)

Who: All Disney Air Pilots are Welcome as well as guests


Joing Disney Air in soaring throught the Happiest Skies on Earth as we take time to honor our Veterans.  Those that have served, those who continue to serve, and our loved ones who have fallen.  Disney Air is a VERY proud supporter of all of those who have provided the United States and all of her citizens with the freedom to do the very things that we enjoy.  

Take a little time out from your otherwise busy days and join us in celebrating all of the men and women in uniform for a group flight from San Antonio Texas to Washington DC.

All Disney Air Pilots are encouraged to attend - as well as being along any pilots from any other airline as well.  We will be flying this event on VATSIM.  It is not required, but most definitely encouraged! 

All Disney Air Pilots that participate in this event will receive 5,000 bonus premium miles and this award for their profile:


See you all in the Happiest Skies on Earth!

Event Flights

Flights can be booked here by our pilots AFTER having signed up for the event!

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Available Slots

Slot Nr.Dep. TimeAirportPilot
1 23:01z KSAT Jason Baker (DIS0001)
2 23:03z KSAT Rick Hirsch (DIS0002)
3 23:05z KSAT Brett Knuth (Brett Knut)
4 23:07z KSAT Ariam Delgado (DIS0170)
5 23:09z KSAT Juel Sandy (DIS495)
6 23:11z KSAT Glyn Price (Glyn Price)
7 23:13z KSAT Keith Buckner (Keith Buck)
8 23:15z KSAT Connor Chapman ((DIS0111))
9 23:17z
10 23:19z
11 23:21z
12 23:23z
13 23:25z
14 23:27z
15 23:29z
16 23:31z
17 23:33z
18 23:35z
19 23:37z
20 23:39z
21 23:41z
22 23:43z
23 23:45z
24 23:47z
25 23:49z
26 23:51z
27 23:53z
28 23:55z
29 23:57z
30 23:59z
31 00:01z
32 00:03z
33 00:05z
34 00:07z
35 00:09z
36 00:11z
37 00:13z
38 00:15z
39 00:17z
40 00:19z
41 00:21z
42 00:23z
43 00:25z
44 00:27z
45 00:29z
46 00:31z
47 00:33z
48 00:35z
49 00:37z
50 00:39z