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Event Title: Northeastern Corridor 2018
Begin: 01.19.2018 23:59z
Until: 01.20.2018 05:00z
Allowed Aircraft: B738
Departure Airport(s): KBOS

The New York, Boston, and Washington ARTCCs are teaming up to bring you an FNO like no other! We'll be lighting up the Northeastern United States, renowned for it's busy airline commuter and business service, and bringing service to three of the major metropolitan airports of the area: Boston (KBOS), New York-Kennedy (KJFK) and Washington-National (KDCA). We welcome all pilots and aircraft to come and join us for this chance to fly with ATC service in one of the most busy and congested air spaces in the country!

Event Flights

Flights can be booked here by our pilots AFTER having signed up for the event!

No Flights available for booking!

Available Slots

Slot Nr.Dep. TimeAirportPilot
1 23:59z KBOS Keith Buckner (DIS0003)
2 23:59z KJFK Ariam Delgado (DIS0107)
3 23:59z
4 23:59z
5 23:59z
6 23:59z
7 23:59z
8 23:59z
9 23:59z
10 23:59z
11 23:59z
12 23:59z
13 23:59z
14 23:59z
15 23:59z
16 23:59z
17 23:59z
18 23:59z
19 23:59z
20 23:59z
21 23:59z
22 23:59z
23 23:59z
24 23:59z
25 23:59z