Brett K (KMCO | HM)

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Position:KMCO Hub Manager (KMCO | HM)
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Hello, a little about me.  First of all, I do go by Brick so if you see me refer to myself as that it is what I have been called for years.  A little about my life.  I am an Air Force veteran and first enlisted in 1995 as an aircraft mechanic on fighter planes.  Later in life in 2006 I again worked for the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic on DC9 and 737(BBJ’s). I have also had the pleasure to have quite a few hours as an inflight pilot safety observer and radio operator in both the DC9 and 737 during my Air Force Career.  During my second time around with the Air Force, I traveled around the world visiting many countries as a "go with the plane mechanic".  I currently reside in Illinois just west of Chicago where I am married with 4 kids.  I currently work for the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA a subsidiary of the Dept. of Defense) as a QA inspector.

My flight sim experience started with FS3.0 and with FS95 my love for the sim really came to life. I have several thousand hours over the last 25 years in both flying and management of VA’s