Code of Conduct
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Disney Air Code of Conduct


Expectations of Pilots

Pilots are the main driving force here at Disney Air. Believe it or not, when someone thinks about Disney Air, they think of our pilots and their general behavior. It only takes one bad experience with one of our pilots to change someone’s opinion of Disney Air from positive to negative. This is something that our pilot must go out of their way to prevent from happening.

You, the pilot, are what people think of when they think Disney. Just as you would expect from Disney Parks, Disney Air strives to provide the highest level of customer service utilizing professionalism and remaining safety conscious at all times; in the terminal, on the ground or in the air.  Professionalism is required when speaking on behalf of Disney Air, to air-traffic control, passengers, other company members, and pilots from other airlines.  Improper radio use, profanity, or any other such unprofessional activity will not be tolerated and may be grounds for termination.

Core Values

  • Pilots should always act with integrity and passion towards the organization as a whole, not just acting for themselves.

  • Pilots should always display a fun-loving attitude towards crew members and other members of other organizations world-wide. Remember, all pilots share a common interest: flying.

  • Pilots should be respectable and caring to other community members. We all share the same space, let’s make it enjoyable!

  • Pilots should fly with safety in mind.

  • Pilots should assist other pilots in need, helping a community member or otherorganization member out whenever they are in distress.

  • Be a friend, you never know when you might need someone else’s help one day.

  • Put the community before yourself and always ask the question: Will this action change someone else’s perception of the organization and me?

  • Ask questions. The only stupid questions are the ones that aren't asked. The aviation community is helpful and friendly, ask away!

  • Pilots should get involved in the community – push for events and gatherings and makethem the best that they can be.

  • Pilots should always act ethically and lawfully.


Maintaining these core values and setting accelerated goals to challenge yourself accompanied with the fact that keeping mindful that you are the face of our organization will make for a successful partnership and provide our guests with the best experience possible. Understandably, we do not just hire every pilot that applies; our management does our research and truly asks the question: Will this person reach for the challenge of becoming a member of the Disney Air Family.



Expectations of Management

Pilots may be the face of the organization; however, management is undoubtedly the backbone to our entire operation. Without management, many operations, programs, and ideas would not have been instituted to make our organization better than any other. Every member is truly indebted to the volunteer work and ideas that management provides to all members.

As a member of the Disney Air management team, the requirements are upped; however, every management member is capable of rising above the level of requirements that are presented. Management members are the true reflection of the Disney Air Standard and serve as a role model to the entire company.

So what are the expectations of a management member? 

  • Management should serve as a role model, to not just our community, but the entire aviation world. Although obligated, they should want to follow the expectations listed within to ensure the community is the best that it can be.

  • Management should ensure the Disney Air core values are instilled within the organization.

  • Management should lead and excel, leading pilots and enhancing their enthusiasm to want to become more involved within the organization.

  • Management should serve as a representative for the organization, acting in best interests when dealing with members of other organizations.

  • Management should be ethical in all operations, always acting lawfully as well.

  • Management should push pilots to extend beyond their comfort zone to learn and enhance skills and abilities to ensure the organization and its members reach new limits.

  • Management should always assist members, helping anyone in need along the way.

  • Management should put pilots first, themselves second.

  • Management should inspire not only organization members, but any person interacting with them.

  • Management should want for their organization and pilots to be better, in any way possible.

  • Management should engrain our core values in their daily operations and dealings.

Our administrative management knows that pilots and management together is what inspires and really pushes the airline to new heights. Those pilots who aspire to be selected as a management member means that you hold the core values of Disney Air in the utmost regard. Pilots that are selected to promote into management will have the ability to lead this organization to success.


Dealing with Competitors

There will always be that push to be better than our competitor organizations. Disney Air, however, believes it is important to be a respectable community-oriented member when dealing with our competitors. Any member of our organization should remember that competitors are after the same result: securing our hobby of flying throughout the world.

It is extremely important to understand that Disney Air is a small part of a much bigger virtual airline community. Each organization within the community has the common goal of securing our hobby as stated above, and although we strive to ensure our organization is the best and better than competitors, without our competitors, our organization would not be what it is today.

In summary, the takeaway is: be respectful, be proactive, be helpful, and a champion not only for Disney Air, but the entire virtual airline community. The support that the community gives to Disney Air is incredible and our pilots should give that back to the larger community whenever possible.

Conclusively, our organization promises the following when dealing with competitors:

  • To respect competitors, despite our push to be better than them.

  • To understand that our competitors have a like-mind and wish to fulfill the same goals of securing virtual aviation as a hobby for all.

  • To help our competitors at their lowest point, so they can reach their highest. Remember, our competitors help us to reach our highest point too!

  • To ethically and legally deal with our competitors, again, despite our push to be better than them.


We hope that pilots truly operate to the goals set in this section and this entire document. The way that Disney Air ethically and responsibly deals with other organizations deemed as competitors really is what makes our virtual airline known and respected. Because we respect other entities, we receive the same respect in return.




It certainly is something to think about when pulling out of the ramp for your next flight. Maybe letting another plane go before you on the taxiway would not be as bad as you thought it would be.


Dealing with Partner Organizations

Partner organizations are largely different from competitors. Disney Air management will always strive to push us in the right direction for organizational growth. We respect our partners, and in the process of pushing for us to be better, we shall push for our partners to grow with us too.


We, as an organization, will always ethically and responsibly deal with our partners to ensure the best possible outcome for growth and development for both our organization and the partner organization.

We, in addition to responsibly and ethically dealing with our partners, will attempt to ensure our partner organizations stability in the market in any way possible, with the help of our resource base.


Disciplinary Actions for Violations

The Code of Conduct is a policy document that is expected to be followed at all times by all our organization members wherever their travels may take them. As stated before, our pilots and members are the face of the organization, and actions by them may change someone’s view of the organization.

A violation of this document will be treated as a policy violation as outlined in the Disney Air Pilot Operating Handbook (POH). Violators will be subject to a route of discipline outlined in the Disney Air POH.

Reporting Unethical Behavior

It is the responsibility of our pilot and member base to be the eyes and ears for the organization. Pilots and members should report unethical behavior or Code of Conduct violations to an administrative management or crewbase management member immediately to prevent further conflict.

Confidentiality will be ensured when reporting a Code of Conduct violation to virtual airline management.

Acknowledgement of this Code of Ethics

By submitting a pilot application, the pilot or member of the virtual airline thus acknowledges that they understand and will comply with the Code of Conduct in their daily operations. In addition, they understand the disciplinary actions for a violation and how to report any unethical behavior seen within the organization.

The pilot or member also acknowledges that Disney Air does not tolerate discrimination of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, veteran status, or disability. Any pilot or member found to have engaged in discriminatory action will be subject to reprimand or termination.

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