Policies & Procedures

Please read the below information before registering.

Before You Get Started

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in joining Disney Air. It's good to know we've sparked your curiosity! However, before you continue with the registration process, there are a few things you should know which are outlined below.

Our Policies

VA Policy

  • Read the Pilot Handbook here.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to join.
  • The login credentials that are provided to you serve as your individual membership identification. You may not under any circumstances share your credentials with ANY member of Disney Air.
  • Members must use their full name AND email address when registering as a member. Any incomplete or misleading information will result in the termination of the account.
  • All pilots must fly their first flight within 14 days of registration. Do NOT continue unless you can commit to this requirement. Failure to comply will result in your pilot account being terminated.
  • All pilots must fly at least one flight every 30 days. If you are unable to complete a flight every 30 days you may request a LOA (Leave of Absence) for up to 3 months.
  • Disney Air Management reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate any individual membership from the airline without notification if this or any other relevant policy has been violated. The member may appeal the suspension or termination to the Chief Executive Officer whose decision shall be final.
  • Pilots are allowed to fly for more than one Virtual Airline.
  • Pilots represent the Disney Air community at all times when accessing other external sources on the Internet. Members should not undertake any action that would bring harm to the reputation of Disney Air, including, but not limited to misrepresenting oneself to another organization, breaking the rules and guidelines of another organization, or making derogatory statements about Disney Air.
  • Pilots are to, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another. No threats, harassment, racism or offensive comments about another pilots, race, sexual orientation or gender. Any form of bullying is NOT accepted under any circumstances. Pilots who are reported of violating this policy will have their account suspended until Disney Air Management makes a decision to the fate of the pilots account.

Privacy Policy

  • Under no circumstance does Disney Air release any private information to other Virtual Airlines, third parties or external sources with the exception of a legal court order.
  • Disney Air does not sell any private information to Third Party members.
  • Private information submitted to Disney Air is strictly confidential and is not used for any other purposes outside of the airline.
  • Private information submitted is only used for future reference by Disney Air Management.
  • Pilots are forbidden to request personal information of a fellow member, this includes but not limited to, age, email address, harassment reports, private conversations and the like.
  • Members have the right to request an investigation if they believe such a breach of privacy has occurred.
  • NOTE: Disney Air takes confidentiality of private information very seriously and will to the best of its ability protect pilots and staff members and investigate into harassment or pilot behavior cases.
  • Please be aware that your first and last name and your avatar are viewable to the public.


  • Pilots must follow the VATSIM Code of Conduct at all times while connected to the VATSIM Network, the VATSIM Code of Conduct can be found here: VATSIM Code of Conduct
  • Pilots are required to log on under either the flight number of the flight they are flying, or their individual Pilot ID when connecting to the VATSIM Network. If the flight number does not start with DIS the the pilot must us DIS as the prefix.
  • Pilots must show maturity and are reminded to display the highest level of professionalism towards other members at all times when connected to the VATSIM Network both inside and outside Virtual Airline as our online reputation as a Virtual Airline is represented whenever a pilot is connected to the VATSIM network.
  • Pilots must maintain and adhere to all Air Traffic Controller clearances and instructions in relation to the aircraft during all stages of flight. However, a pilot assigned as pilot-in-command of a flight may exercise exception to this clause with reasonable justification in ensuring the safe operation of the aircraft.
  • Pilots must comply with all supervisor requests as detailed in the VATSIM Code of Regulations which can be found here: VATSIM Code of Regulations.
  • Pilots are strongly reminded that while connected to the VATSIM Network, they are to ensure that the Disney Air name is upheld to the best of their ability. Other pilots, Air Traffic Controllers or VATSIM Supervisors, are always watching what you say and do and will judge your performance accordingly.

Discord Server Policy

  • Members must not release server information to anyone outside the Disney Air community.
  • Members must respect that there are junior members using this Discord server and abusive/rude/impolite language will not be tolerated.
  • Members found breaching these rules will be either suspended or banned from using Discord, depending on the severity of the offense committed.
  • If at any time a member is found to be violating the abusive behavior clause, in this policy they will be IMMEDIATELY kicked from the server and a ban will be placed on the offending Pilots IP, the Pilot will be emailed directly from a staff member arranging a time in which to attend a hearing where three staff members will be present to decide what the best cause of action is.
  • During a voice hearing the conversation will be recorded for witness purposes, the member does not have a say in whether or not they should be recorded.
  • If at any time a member believes that the decision handed down is unfair, they reserve the right to contact the CEO for an appeal in which the CEO will listen to the recorded conversation and then decide if the course of action taken by the staff members was appropriate.

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